Andrew and Catherine

I first met Andrew and Catherine for their engagement session in Charlottesville at Ash Lawn-Highland and immediately fell in love with their story and who they are as a couple…I love how they bring out each other’s silly sides and they don’t take anything too seriously…their wedding was a perfect reflection of them and I was so honored to get to capture it!

Jay and Jennifer

I knew this was going to be a beautiful wedding day when we drove up to the Aspen Wye River House in Maryland and there were perfect portrait locations in every direction! Just wait until you see the road of pink petals that took my breath away! It was such an incredible honor for me to be a part of Jennifer and Jay’s big day last weekend…Jennifer is the type of bride that every photographer hopes for and that every girl wants as a best friend.

Neil and Kelsey

Their paths first crossed when they were freshman in college and living in the same dorm…they started studying together and that was the beginning of a life long friendship! It wasn’t until years later that they realized their relationship might be something more…and they finally tied the knot last weekend in a beautiful church in Williamsburg, Virginia surrounded by family and friends!

Nick and Sarah

They met at the elementary school where they both teach…there were many mornings where Sarah and Nick happened to walk into school at the same time and they started to build a friendship through those morning conversations…a few months later they went on their first date in D.C. and their relationship continued to grow!

Matt and Charlene

Think of everything a fairytale wedding should be for a pink and monogram loving girl and that was Charlene and Matt’s day…it couldn’t have been more beautiful! From her wedding dress to the fluffy bouquet full of peonies to the gorgeous centerpieces at the reception…everything was decorated and planned to perfection. And I didn’t expect anything less…Charlene plans to become a wedding planner and I’m so excited for her to bring that dream to life! Matt is always supportive of her and I love the way they compliment each other perfectly.