Branding Styled Shoot | Maggies Misc.

This was such an exciting shoot for me to get to be a part of because of the heart behind it…Maggie is an incredible person and the very talented planner behind Maggie’s Misc. Events! I love getting to work with creatives who are super passionate about what they do…Maggie’s love for her job and the people she works with spills over into every aspect of her business and it was such an honor to take these branding photos for her!

Hans and Emily

We used to come here every summer with my family…it’s an idyllic place in the middle of no-where North Dakota, 30 minutes from the closest town (population 300) There’s no internet or phone access, which lends to the magic of life in a place where you can just be…there’s no temptation to constantly check your […]

Adam and Chloe

There’s nothing more romantic than Central Park in the rain! Somehow I think I do my favorite work when the conditions aren’t quite perfect and I’m in a new area…I love the extra movement and realness that the wind and rain add to a photo…it was pouring the morning of our shoot and the forecast didn’t show much chance of the rain stopping!

The Galloway Family

This is different from my usual shoots, but I love this little family so much and I was so honored when Lauryn asked me to take their family photos! They welcomed their son, Mac, this year and he is such a little cutie. We had so much fun walking around the Capital building here in Richmond and they made my job so easy…I got to know Lauryn several years ago when Ryan and I moved to Richmond and it is so much fun getting to see her and Jared as parents! They are so fun, stylish, and loving…Mac is so lucky to have them! Thank you so much again Lauryn and Jared! I hope you enjoy

The Jefferson | Ashley

I’ve been waiting for this day when I finally get to reveal Ashley’s bridal portraits! She and Watson got married this past weekend in a celebration that was straight out of the fairytale books at The Jefferson Hotel. Ashley is the epitome of the vintage glam bride…she is incredibly chic in an old Richmond, elegant fashion. Ashley slipped into her jeweled wedding gown at the Jefferson for her bridal portraits and when I saw her in it, she took my breath away! She is absolutely stunning and it was such an honor to take these photos for her family! The beautiful florals were designed by the talented Caroline of