Kyle and Tara

I had been looking forward to photographing Tara and Kyle’s engagement session in Virginia Beach for what seemed like forever! Tara was my little sisters small group leader through the ministry, Intervarsity, in college and we have lots of mutual friends, so I knew her long before she emailed me that she and Kyle had finally gotten engaged!

Cliff and Kirsten

I’ve been excited to meet Kirsten and Cliff for so many months and I’m so happy that it was finally time for their engagement session this past week…we made plans to meet in Old Town Alexandria where they had already chosen some of their favorite spots for portraits!

Brandon and Eleanor

I met Brandon and Eleanor at the incredible First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach last week for their engagement session and it’s definitely one of my favorite locations to shoot. I grew up spending lots of weekends exploring this park and riding bikes around it with dad, so going back to it always brings a sense of nostalgia. It turns out that Eleanor grew up playing at the same park with her family!

Danielle and Chris

We met at the beautiful Belle Grove Plantation about an hour north of Richmond, Virginia on a gorgeous spring evening for Chris and Danielle’s engagement session. As I drove up the tree lined driveway and saw the house off in the distance, I could tell right away that this was going to be an incredible!

Matthew and Natalie

Matthew and Natalie first met in DC after attending a concert…they were both waiting for a taxi outside of the venue and starting talking and laughing. I love that Natalie mentioned that it was this immediately feeling of familiarity like they had known each other for years! After spending time with them, it’s so easy to see that they are perfect for one another! Their relationship grew from that first meeting and after several moves to other cities together, this past January Matthew proposed while they were house hunting in Philly where they hope to live for a long time! I’m so excited for them to get married next June and start a new chapter of life together…