Jay and Jennifer

I’d never been to Chincoteague Island before this trip…but as soon as Jennifer started talking about taking her engagement photos there, I was sold. Her family vacations here every year and I could see why they choose to return year after year right away! This place is so dreamy! We met on the main island of Chincoteague where we got some ice cream in a cone with rainbow sprinkles from Mister Whippy (so good!) and I got to hear more about these two and their plans for the wedding and after.

Matt and Charlene

Think of everything a fairytale wedding should be for a pink and monogram loving girl and that was Charlene and Matt’s day…it couldn’t have been more beautiful! From her wedding dress to the fluffy bouquet full of peonies to the gorgeous centerpieces at the reception…everything was decorated and planned to perfection. And I didn’t expect anything less…Charlene plans to become a wedding planner and I’m so excited for her to bring that dream to life! Matt is always supportive of her and I love the way they compliment each other perfectly.

Charleston, South Carolina

It was sometime last year that Ali suggested we take a trip to Charleston with some of our close girlfriends to reconnect and get away before the busyness of wedding season started…I loved the idea right away and was so excited when she made it happen! We got our friends on board and soon enough she had rented us an adorable little house in Folly Beach just outside of Charleston in South Carolina for the week. A few days of fellowship, relaxation and adventures. There aren’t many things I love more!

Amy and Jordan

Amy and Jordan are the rare type of friend that always leaves you feeling uplifted…more encouraged, more loved, more inspired, more relaxed, more cared for…and the list could go on and on. I’ve never been more thankful for people who live almost all the way across the country! They have such a special way of making everyone they meet feel significant and I think that might be my favorite thing about them. Amy is one of the most genuine, loving people I know…She is the best listener even when I call her at 1 AM and truly has a heart to see other people grow and shine. Jordan is always ready with a story to make you laugh or lift your spirits and never hesitates to push you to recognize that you’re capable of more than you thought possible.

Steven and Leah

It’s so hard to believe that two weeks ago we were experiencing snow storms and freezing temps in Virginia and this week we started to get a small taste of spring with some warmer weather! I’m so happy that I got to shoot one snowy wedding this year though before it started to warm up…the snow added so much magic to Steven and Leah’s portraits!

It was absolutely freezing and I’m so thankful that they were willing to brave the cold to capture pretty images on their special day…they’ve been dating for over 6 years and it was so exciting to see so many of their friends and family come together to celebrate their new marriage