Nick and Jess

They share a mutual and deep love for life at the “Rivah”…the term refers to the area on the middle peninsula of Virginia, but is really more of a lifestyle than a place. It’s the laid-back vibe that somehow makes all of the worries of work from the week melt away and it’s where some of Nick and Jess’s favorite memories have been made. Her parents own the sweetest little house with an amazing pier and a little sandy area where Nick asked Jess to be his wife…

Mike and Wendy

Mike and Wendy said their vows and celebrated their new marriage at the beautiful Hendry House in Arlington…it feels like a little oasis in the middle of the city with all the greenery surrounding a quaint craftsman cottage. In spite of the forecast calling for rain, it was beautiful all day!

Kyle and Tara

I had been looking forward to photographing Tara and Kyle’s engagement session in Virginia Beach for what seemed like forever! Tara was my little sisters small group leader through the ministry, Intervarsity, in college and we have lots of mutual friends, so I knew her long before she emailed me that she and Kyle had finally gotten engaged!

Adam and Chloe

There’s nothing more romantic than Central Park in the rain! Somehow I think I do my favorite work when the conditions aren’t quite perfect and I’m in a new area…I love the extra movement and realness that the wind and rain add to a photo…it was pouring the morning of our shoot and the forecast didn’t show much chance of the rain stopping!

Zach and Ashley

On the morning of her wedding, I walked into Ashley’s parents home where she and all of her gorgeous bridesmaids were preparing for the day and immediately felt the excitement building…the part of the day when the bride is getting ready is always my favorite, but somehow the fact that there were so many girls there ready to celebrate Ashley and her soon to be husband made it even more exciting!